Autumn’s Surprises

Monday, September 27, 2010

As I walk up the path to my front door, l love to pause and watch the butterflies floating around the garden. They land and take off from the asters that are just beginning to bloom as other flowers go to seed. The front garden looks a bit unruly now that autumn has arrived.

I brought home a packet of parsley plants and plopped them onto a pot by the front door until I had a free moment. The next day as I watered the other plants in the pot, I discovered a stowaway — a green and black tiger swallowtail caterpillar.  He was tiny and merrily munching away. Everyday he got bigger and bigger, and the parsley plants got smaller and smaller.

Today when I looked, he was gone. He had left the pot's confining world and set off into the expansive world of the garden for his transformation. Now when I pause along the path, I'll look for an elegant tiger swallowtail sailing by. It may be my little stowaway all grown up and off to see the world.

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