Lenten Roses

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring has arrived! In the woods behind our house, Lenten roses are unfurling.  Years ago, I was given three plants from a gardener who loved watching them bloom in a neighbor's garden. I had never encountered a Lenten rose before and decided to plant each one in a different section of the woods to see which one would survive. To my astonishment, all three plants survived and flourished in the decaying leaves under the mighty white oaks that rule our woods.

After a few years, small plants began appearing near the original Lenten roses. I dug up these new offsprings each spring and moved them to other parts of the woods and the front yard. Now Lenten roses are everywhere, their hanging blossoms nodding shyly in the spring breezes. To discover how beautiful these blossoms are, I lift them up to take a peek.

The Lenten roses' colors are subtle, varying hues of mauve, purple, and burgundy. What a contrast to the brilliant yellow of their companions, the bold daffodils, that stand tall trumpeting spring's arrival. No need to pick up their blossoms to take a peek. Daffodils look you right in the eye.

What a wonderful spring duet – the shy Lenten rose and the bold daffodil! In their honor, I have created two cards which you can find in my note card collection.

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lenten roses