Priscilla’s Garden

Monday, August 16, 2010

Gardens are more than simple reflections of the gardener who created them. A garden reveals its creator's spirit in subtle and obvious ways and why I like to identify each garden's creator. This painting of a springtime moment is from the garden of my sister Priscilla and one of my most popular note card images. 

When Priscilla's courageous battle with breast cancer ended this spring, others began tending her gardens. She had created gardens around her stone farmhouse and in the woods surrounding her family's summer cottage. Her gardens reflect her restless exuberance, and her borders spill over the edge. An avid plant collector, she was always on the hunt for an unusual, intriguing plant to add to yet another corner of her garden. Her patio is filled with exotic pots from her travels and adventures – each one holding a story that she loved to tell.

As summer began, friends filled her patio pots with bright colors. I chose to tend her garden in the woods. I created gatherings of pots full of the colors she loved to greet her family and visitors to the cottage. As I worked, I felt yet another gift of her garden — how her spirit will live on for all to see.

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priscilla's garden